Joanna Tracey

Hi, I’m Joanna, a small business marketing consultant here to help you take your growing business to the next level.

Think of me as your own personal marketing department. An extension of your small business.

I can provide as little or as much help as you need to improve your digital marketing efforts. Working with you to deliver some fantastic online marketing, without the huge price tag of a large faceless agency.

Marketing consultancy for your small business, minus the buzzwords

I’ll cut through the baffling marketing lingo and talk about your business challenges in plain English.

I passionately believe that marketing your small business doesn’t have to be overly complex, so I try my utmost to keep things simple, yet highly effective.

B2B SEO Strategy


I can help

The marketing assistance I offer tends to be online and therefore highly cost-effective.

Whether you need to update a website that’s looking a little tired, start advertising online or want to promote your business via email or social channels, I can help.

Marketing with a Personal Touch

Working with me means one point of contact. The same friendly face each time we meet and a go-to place to bounce ideas around.

Why pay ludicrous prices for a big agency, when you can have everything you need to take your small business to the next level at half the cost?

Let’s have a natter

If you need an experienced pair of hands to help out, then we should talk.
To chat through your marketing challenges, please call 07712 339 482 or fill in a form on this site.


You can expect in return

That’s the cost, but what’s most important is the return. Here are a few benefits of hiring me as your small business marketing consultant.



Transparent Case Study

Book your small business marketing consultancy review now

I’d love to discuss your marketing wants, needs and ambitions.

Getting to grips with your key challenges is the first step in small business marketing consulting, so please reach out.

I hope we can work together soon.