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Google Ads, PPC Advertising

PPC Advertising

Google Ads, PPC Advertising


Polish PPC management services

Do you need to run Polish PPC advertising to help establish your business in Poland?

We support UK businesses in their efforts to expand into Poland through Adwords campaign management that is tailored to the needs of Polish audiences.

As native Polish speakers, we understand subtle linguistic nuances that come into play when translating PPC campaigns from English to Polish. We also have an appreciation for the differences between English and Polish behaviour and culture. This allows us to deliver more insight to your team and make appropriate decisions when managing your account.

Comprehensive Polish Digital Marketing Support

We offer several complimentary services to assist any business in reaching a Polish audience, including:

The Different

Forms of PPC Advertising

Google Ads is probably the most powerful advertising tool in the world. Its’ convenient billing model gives you complete control over your expenses and the administration of ads can be adjusted on the fly. A well-planned ppc campaign delivered via google can ensure that you to meet your business objectives by reaching out to highly targeted audiences.

There are numerous other pay per click advertising models at our disposal. Your online advertising could also include the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn, banner advertising and remarketing to name but a few. We’ll work with you to find the right combination to support your lead generation and sales efforts.

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