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Planning without breaking the bank

We help small businesses to develop marketing strategies that will ensure they go from strength to strength.

Without a defined marketing strategy and thorough planning, you could be wasting time and money chasing after leads for your business in the wrong place. You may not offer a service that competes with other providers or you may simply be promoting something that isn’t of interest. But how do you know for sure?

If you’re considering ramping up your marketing efforts over the coming months and years, it’s well worth taking a step back to assess where your brand sits in the market. Once you have a clear picture of where you are at present, then you can start to plan where you’d like to be. This will allow you to determine how you would like to communicate with your target audience and what channels you will use to take your product or service to market.




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We provide marketing consultancy support in plain English. We’ll try to avoid fancy marketing spiel and if we can’t then we’ll take the time to explain thoroughly

Competitor analysis B2B

Competitor Analysis

Just what are your competitors up to? How do they market themselves, how do their products and services compare to yours? Are there any gaps in the market that you could fill? Should you specialise in delivery to a niche or keep things broad?



Identifying your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) is key to gaining a clear picture of what you offer above others. Whereas, being fully aware of any Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal or Environmental factors (PESTLE) that might impact on your business in the future is extremely important to ensure you plan appropriately.

Keyword research

Market Research

How are you going to communicate with your target audience? Well we’ll start by performing demographic analysis, keyword research and some good old ‘googling’. All this research will help to determine where your target audience are hiding and what method of communication they’re likely to respond well to.

Brand identity

Brand Identity

Who are you? What do you stand for? What type of business do you run? What’s important to you and what values do you hold dear? These are all important questions to answer when developing a brand identity, which will later project itself in your value proposition, tone of voice, corporate values and more.

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A marketing strategy that will take your business to new heights

Following a period of consultation and research, we will write you a comprehensive marketing and communications plan. By providing you with strategic guidance for the year ahead, we can prevent you from chasing your tail. We will gather clarity and provide a focal point for your marketing efforts. After all, we know that when setting up a new business you can’t afford to throw money away on guesswork!

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